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Finding the right property to call home can be quite a challenge. What kind of house will meet your needs? Which style do you like? In which neighborhood would you like to live? Do you know your budget and what price range are we looking at? Perhaps you’re new in this country and you have no idea where to begin. Onesta is here for you and your story matters to us.

Turning a challenge into a joy

Onesta will help you find your home. As a matter of fact, it is our mission to turn this challenge into a process you will enjoy. From the first introduction to signing the sales agreement, we will make sure you have a stress-free experience. This action plan explains in seven simple steps how Onesta will guide you through the process.

Action plan:

Step 1: Wish list

Working with a purchase realtor is a wise step for more than one reason. A purchase realtor can save you a lot of time in preparation and research. Furthermore, your purchase realtor can give you direct access to the listings, sometimes even before they’re listed. And a purchase realtor can save you money through negotiating the best possible deal and contingencies. Last but not least, having someone by your side in this dynamic real estate market who has your best interest at heart and who can keep your head cool will improve the overall experience of buying a house.

When you work with Onesta, your wish list is our directive. In the intake interview you can tell us what you are looking for and what you need. Are you buying to live or to let? Based on the information you provide us with, we will assemble a property search profile. You will have your own Onesta contact person during the entire process.

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Stap 2: Regel je financiën

Het is belangrijk om in dit stadium al goed te kijken naar jouw financiële mogelijkheden. Als je een hypotheek nodig hebt, kan één van onze hypotheekadviseurs alles voor je in kaart brengen. Zo heb je in het voortraject al een realistisch beeld van wat je kunt lenen bij een hypotheekverstrekker.

Het is niet alleen fijn om te weten waar je aan toe bent, je staat ook sterker als je goed bent voorbereid. Hierdoor kan later een zo scherp mogelijk koopvoorstel gedaan worden, wat doorslaggevend kan zijn! In sommige gevallen kan er door deze goede voorbereiding zelfs geboden worden zonder financieringsvoorbehoud.

Pas nadat de koopovereenkomst is getekend kan de hypotheek echt rond gemaakt worden. In de meeste gevallen moet er dan ook een taxatie worden gedaan. De aankoopmakelaar en adviseur werken nauw samen, zodat dit proces snel en soepel verloopt.

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Stap 3: Doorzoek de markt

En dan begint het échte zoekwerk. Tijdens onze zoektocht bekijken we zowel de openbare als de onderhandse markt. De openbare markt is Funda.nl. Hierop filteren we het totale woningaanbod en selecteren we de woningen die voldoen aan jouw wensen. Vervolgens geef jij aan over welke woningen je meer informatie wilt en welke je zou willen bezichtigen.

De onderhandse markt bereiken we door het actief benaderen van verschillende partijen, zoals andere makelaars, beleggers en huiseigenaren. Hierbij komt ons grote netwerk goed van pas. Zo bereiken we ook woningen die (nog) niet worden aangeboden via de openbare markt.

Step 4: Viewings

Did you find some properties you like? We’ll start planning the viewings. You don’t have go by yourself, an Onesta realtor will join you. With our trained realtor-eye we will protect your best interest

When viewing a property, we look for defects and shortcomings, the level of maintenance and options for renovations or expansion. Also, we check if the property will retain its value and if it’s likely to resell or let in the future.

You only have to see if you like it enough to proceed to the next step. Don’t forget to walk around the neighborhood, do you like what you see, do you feel safe?

Step 5: Negotiations

You must have fallen for a house by now. All you want to do, is sign the sales agreement and move in. However, we’ll first decide on how to start the bidding together. This is a strategic undertaking and can be quite stressful, especially when you’re emotionally invested. That’s why you brought your purchase realtor, remember, we got this!

We’ll keep our heads cool and negotiate the sale with your best interest in mind. We’ll pay extra care to the appropriate cancellation clauses to protect you financially. Furthermore, we will perform our purchase investigation. This means that we will research legal documents or decisions that pertain to this property and municipal plans or developments that might affect the value of the property. This might affect the bidding strategy or could result in a negative advice.

Step 6: Signature

Once you’ve come to an agreement on the price and contingencies, a sales contract will be prepared by the sales realtor. As your purchase realtor, we will carefully check the agreement and contact the notary if necessary. If everything is correct, both parties will sign and you have 3 days to reconsider without any penalties.

Now is the time to finalize your mortgage. Furthermore, if one of the conditions in the sales agreement is a valuation or home inspection report, we’ll set this in motion. We will also keep a close eye on the timetable and the agreements made. The notary will set the date for the transfer of ownership and will need to receive the purchase sum plus taxes and fees before that time.

Step 7: Congratulations!

With the transfer of ownership, the notary confirms the sale and you will receive the keys to your new home! You can now plan to redecorate or renovate, move in and have a housewarming. Congratulations!


Onesta is here to help with each step of the way!

Our purchase realtor fee is 1,25% over the purchase sum with a € 2.500,- minimum*. BTW (VAT) is included in this fee.

You will receive the following extensive services with a smile:

  • Intake interview
  • Create property search profile
  • Access to public and pocket listings through Onesta network
  • Receive latest listings that match profile
  • Recommendation for mortgage broker
  • Property viewings including background information (10)
  • Purchase investigations (4)
  • Handle bidding strategy and negotiations
  • Negotiate conditions for guarantees and contingencies
  • Negotiate sales agreement
  • Check sales agreement
  • Monitor 3-day reconsider period, conditions for financing and home inspection
  • Arrange for home inspection report
  • Inspect property for transfer
  • Visit notary for transfer of ownership

* We are happy to accommodate you if you need extra work or services that are not listed. Extra work and services are charged at our hourly rate. Our terms & conditions are applicable to all assignments.

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