Renting out commercial real estate?

Good property management can be time consuming

Letting (commercial) real estate can be extremely time consuming. A lot of busy work is required, i.e.:

  • Maintain contact with tenants (by phone/e-mail).
  • Check and verify rent payments.
  • Collect late payments.
  • Managing debt collection agencies and bailiffs.
  • Perform (in between) inspections and check-outs.
  • Timely communication with regard to rent increase.
  • Managing handymen and contractors.
  • Coordinate and check maintenance and repairs.
  • Attend owners and residents meetings (VvE-vergaderingen) and monitor actions.

Outsource to Onesta Real Estate

Onesta is your partner when it comes to excellence in property management. We can take over the busy work, letting you do what you do best and run your business. Reasons to outsource property management to a professional party like Onesta Real Estate can be:
  • When absent: when you are traveling frequently or live abroad, we can attend to your rental properties and tenants.
  • For fiscal reasons: If you own more than one property, outsourcing property management as part of the investment can be beneficial for fiscal reasons. You will be taxed in Box 3 instead of Box 1.
  • Collecting late fees and other problems: you don’t have to deal with tenants yourself, we can save you the hassle.
  • Time management: property management can take a lot of your time and keep you from doing business.
Would you like to know more about the possibilities to outsource your property and asset management to Onesta Real Estate? Any special requests? Contact us at or call 085 210 44 11 and we’ll inform you about the possibilities.

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